Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winter Waterfall Gift Tag

I joined a Tag Swap, so it's time that I made some tags that another paper crafter might think is neat.  For the Winter series, I decided to scale down the waterfall card to see if it was possible to make it into a card.  It is:

The colors on this photo didn't turn out quite right.  Believe me when I tell you that the chocolate colored strip matches the other papers well, and it all looks rich and pretty.

By adding the chocolate decorated strip on top of the chocolate card stock, I was able to cover the end of the waterfall strip.  I think it looks much more finished this way (versus what I did two posts ago).

I don't think that I'm ever going to get tired of this waterfall effect!!

The back is just covered with a Grey Flannel card stock with a few light snowflakes stamped around the edges.

I know that it's Halloween, but it's time to get started on those Christmas crafts!!


  1. Your waterfall tag looks so pretty with those snowflakes! I need to try making one of these some day!

    1. Yes, do!! It's easy, and the end product is so much fun!!