Wednesday, October 3, 2012

H2H Rock 'n Roll Challenge

Heart 2 Heart has posted another challenge and this one is all about a technique that is near and dear to my heart.  It's called "Rock 'n Roll" or "rolling."  It's easy, but just a little intimidating the first time, as new techniques often are.  You should have seen the first time I edged a piece of paper by lying it on the ink pad. You would have thought I was going to get bitten!!

All the Rock 'n Roll technique consists of is stamping in a light colored ink, and then gently rolling the edges of that stamp in a darker ink.  Below, you can see that I stamped the medallion in Juniper, and then rolled it in Smokey Plum.  The outer flourish is stamped first in Slate and then rolled on the top and bottom in Smokey Plum:

For this next example, I tissue stamped the medallion in Juniper before rolling just the top and bottom in Smokey Plum, so as to increase the contrast.  I wanted to make sure that the Rock 'n Roll technique really stood out in the photos.  It's a cool technique, you should go try it!!  Hey, try it and then enter the H2H Challenge!!  You'll be glad you did because you will have made something today instead of just thinking about it!!

OK, here are the cards:

This is a gate card.  I was recently reminded about this design.  I haven't made any in a while and it was time to resurrect an old friend.  (Dungeons and Dragon, Magic the Gathering, even Pokemon - too many resurrection allusions in my brain at once!!)   To score this 5 1/2" X 12" card stock,  start at 2" and 10" and then flip it over and score at 4" and 8", so that your mountain and valley folds are perfect.

Had to make a second card with the second example:

On back:  yes, I rolled the tiny flower.  I just couldn't help myself.  ; )

I haven't finished the envelopes yet (migraine day).
They will look  like the ones in my Avonlea Post.

Now, get crafting!!  *.*


  1. very pretty card, thanks for joining us at H2H

    1. Thanks. Love you all at H2H. You Rock! (and Roll!)

  2. Great card! Love the colors you've used, very elegant!

    1. Thanks. Elegant was what I was going for!! ;)
      You have a cool blog, btw.

  3. Karen, thanks for following my blog. I just checked out yours and it is awesome! I'm a follower now:) Love all your card folds, particularly the gate folds. Thanks, Maureen

    1. Thanks for looking in!! I'm REALLY enjoying your blog and am following up on your Liebster picks as recommended blogs to check out. Always looking for inspiration. Thanks.