Thursday, November 1, 2012

Over the Hill?

My parent's requested a birthday card for their friend, Daryl.  I couldn't believe that he is going to be 70!!  Seventy used to be pretty old, but maybe it's because I'm 51, or maybe it's because people are eating better and exercising more.  OK, we're not all eating better and exercising more, but we're thinking about it more!! Actually, I have been doing better on and off.  (What about the half-off, post-Halloween candy you bought today, Karen?  Are you going to tell them about that?  I think we just did, dummy!!)  We have been eating vegetarian a lot, and cutting down on the sweets (uh-hum!!).  OK, the sweets were a bit of a problem today.

Moving right along to my Over the Hill card.  I didn't want it to be too mean, so I made the hills subtle enough to confuse my little monkey!!

I'm finally wising up.  I started cutting multiples of pieces, so I am making extra cards as I go along.  Each one will be slightly different, but I'm saving a lot of time stamping the inside of the cards in a batch, etc.

Back to making tags for the swap!!  It's already November...
Stay warm and snugly,


  1. This is so cute and fun and clever. LOVE the sentiment! hehe

    1. Aw, gee, thanks!! I just finished up the other three, but I only had two chipboard pieces. Then I realized I have this shape on my Cricut cartridge. Raise it on foam tape, and it looks pretty much the same!! :D