Sunday, September 30, 2012

H2H Christmas Card Challenge

I was inspired by Carole's September 23rd, 2012 post, Triangle Card.  When I looked at it, my brain said, "Wait, wait, what?"  I love things like that!  It was simmering on the back burner for a couple of days when I happened on the H2H Challenge blog again. When I saw there was a Christmas challenge, I knew that I had to make this star-thing work.  So here it is:

I designed it so that it will fit into a 5" X 7" envelope.  It's too puffy in this incarnation - although it does fit.  I have since reworked it in my mind, but not remade it yet.

The puffiness is pretty awesome, if it doesn't have to go through the post!!

Here's the big unveil...

There was no room to sign it, and I didn't want that to be on the back, so this is my fix:

In progress:

For this project I used the stamp set, Ruby sparkles, Cashmere ribbon, and paper from the Workshops on the Go Partridge & Pear Cardmaking Kit.  I shaded the Cashmere ribbon with Cocoa ink (using a sponge), being careful not to use too much because then it would just look dirty.

No envelope yet.  I will get there after I make this puppy lie flat!!

Merry Christmas!!  It's never too early to start on those handmade gifts and cards.  (I keep telling myself.  I don't always listen, but I keep telling myself!!)



  1. That is awesome! Lovely Thank you for playing along at H2H. :)

    1. Thanks. This challenge really gave me the boost I needed to actually make this card. I would have thought about it for a few more weeks, at least, otherwise!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It went together easier than I thought and has given me confidence to try more things like this.

  3. I really like this card. I like the way it folds up and then opens into a star. Maybe one of these days you can tell me how you did that. Gail

  4. My brain happened to be lucid one day!! I would really love it if your husband (my dear *snicker* big brother) would turn his crazy-genius brain to paper folding. Imagine what he would come up with!! The mind boggles!!

  5. What an amazing card!! I have searched endlessly to try to find a tutorial!

  6. I just made it up. I will make a tutorial for you!! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment!!!! <3

  7. I love your very creative card, Karen. I would love to get the tutorial for it if you have one. I have been searching for couple days hoping you have it out theee. This is truly such a creative, beautiful card. Thank you

  8. I love this card. Would you be so kind to give me the instructions on how to make it?
    I would really appreciate it. Many thanks and have a very happy New year.

  9. So ingenious! I would love instructions, please! Thank you