Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nancy-Mom!!

First I need to welcome two new members to my blog family:  Megan, who is joining us from the Bahamas (I thought I heard Lisa talking to someone upstairs last night - and no one else was upstairs*), and Dawn from I Am a Happy Stamper.  Thanks for joining me on my happy little journey.  Every time I see that someone new joins my blog, I run around the house imitating Sally Fields Oscar acceptance speech, "They like me. They really like me!!"  OK, that's an exaggeration.  I didn't actually run!!

Birthday Wishes** going out to the mom of my beloved Andrew (some of you know him as Kall!).  It's really hard to sum up my mother-in-law in a few lines because she does so many things.  She knows everyone, and you can't go any where with her without running into several of her acquaintances all singing her praises.  Her home is right out of House Beautiful.  She's the hostess with the "mostest," and the volunteer that you want on your team.  Of course, to us, she Mom, Nancy-Mom and Grammy!!

Here's my box for Nancy.  It must be elegant:

It had to be Avonlea paper!!  I cut the decoration from one of the papers, the same that you see on the front flap of the box, and then covered it in Liquid Glass.  If you click on the photo, hopefully you can see the tiny pearls dotted around on the top.

Side view (Captain Obvious):

The box is filled with cards from my Avonlea posts.  I ran out of ribbon (Can you believe it??), so I will be making a lot more Avonlea Gate Cards in the future.  I promise, more will be coming!!

Hope it was the Best of Birthdays!!  With Much Love from your Family in Michigan!!
*.*  Karen

*It was Skype, naturally!  Where was that when I was a foreign exchange student in Belgium and phone calls were $3/minute?!!  What a wonderful way to keep in contact from med. school.
**Ever so slightly belated!  Yesterday was a crazy, busy day!!

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