Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bea's Mini Album Interior

Yesterday I wimped out; only finished the cover of Bea's mini album, but blogged about it anyway.  I'm really trying to blog daily - I would say rain or shine, but it's not really the weather that affects me.  Well, maybe too many dreary days...

Ideally, I finishing up today, but there was lots of shopping, and all of those things that I didn't do on Tuesday when I watched Netflix all day.  Seriously.  All day.  I didn't even get dressed.  'Jamas-on-the-couch Day!!  Didn't you observe it?  I guess it was one of those "Personal Holidays" I keep hearing about.  ;)

OK, Bea's Mini Album:   Little pockets to hold pages for journaling.
I'm leaving these blank for her family, or my folks and others.  One of the tabs has a baseball or softball.  She met her husband at a pickup game.  You really need to meet Bea Ihlenfeld if you haven't yet.

Bea still gives swimming lessons to some of the other residents!!  What would you like to be able to be doing at age one hundred??  (You said "still breathing," didn't you?!)

This pool photo was taken by Bill Marcil, Jr.  He also took the black & white one below. I got them from The Forum - Fargo, North Dakota's newspaper. I emailed him and he kindly gave me his permission.

I'm going to write some of Bea's sage advice here - coming right out of her head!!

That's as far as I have gotten.  Almost finished, but not quite.
Night, night!!


  1. Great idea with tags in pocket! 'Jamas-on-the-couch Day?! Sounds like a dream for me :-)

    1. You have small children!! You probably could never get away with it.

  2. Very nice idea with the album. Very detailed and lovingly :-).

    1. Thanks Betty. Yes, a lot of love is going in to it!!

  3. such a beautiful keepsake. I love mini albums. so awesome to make it to 100. Congrats, :)