Friday, October 26, 2012

Bea's Mini Album is Finished!!

OMGee, OMGee, OMGee!!  Yes, I actually say, oh em gee!!  It stands for: Oh My Gosh!!  (which I also say!!)  It drives my kids crazy.  (Will just walked into the room and said, "Oh my gosh, Tom, I'm so excited!!"  That's just what we say.)

As I was saying, my kids hate when I say OMGee - apparently "It's not cool!"  Then I found out that Bobby's mom (Lisa's boyfriend) said "Laugh Out Loud" and my eyes lit up!!   Lisa looked at me and said, "DON"T YOU DARE!!"  She's going to make a wonderful parent someday!!

What I have been trying to tell you is this:  I have a new follower and she's from RUSSIA!!  Really-truly!!  How cool is that?  I was hopping around international blogs yesterday.  I am really curious what is going on in other cultures.  I'm sure that they are all bringing their own backgrounds to their artwork, plus I love to see cards stamped in foreign languages.  I also like to try to read the posts.  I can tell you outright that I cannot read Russian!!  (Also, no to Finnish, Ukranian, and Hebrew, my Dutch is pretty rusty, and I can read more Portugese than I thought I would be able to, because it is close enough to Spanish!!)

A very warm welcome to Valentyna Konmisarenko to my little blog family!!  Her blog is called The Fairy.  I am also putting in a link to the card that first caught my eye.  She has a lot of followers, so in answer to my September 2nd post's question about Russian women: are they scrap booking?  I'm still not sure (I suspect that they are), but I can tell you one thing, they sure are making a lot of beautiful cards!!

So, let's finish up Bea's Mini Album!!

I actually made my first video tutorial today out on the front porch with my daughter, Lisa.  I am waiting for Will to edit it.  Hopefully, I will add it tomorrow, so that you will be able to see how to cover a chip board element with paper (if you don't already know how.)  This post will be up-dated to a 2.0 when the video is attached!!

I also added two of Bea's quotes to the tags that pull out of her head!!  There are foam strips under her photo that raise it up, leaving space for the tags.  I also have a strip in the center so that each tag has its own slot.

This was the final bit I did.  I just had to finish the bottom of this page, and then I smudged it!!  Fortunately, it will get covered when a photo is added.  So, this is how everyone will know it was handmade!!

Don't worry, I didn't cry.  I'm a big girl.  Had it smudged a little lower, I would have had to remove the paper which is good and stuck on with a LOT of foam squares.  In that case, I might not have said OMGee!!  :)

I say FUDGE BUCKETS!!  OH, BUCKETS-OF-FUDGE!!  and then I usually laugh, because it sounds so silly, and kinda scrumptious!!

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  1. So you've finished this great tribute book to Bea! WTG! She's going to treasure this!
    For some odd reason, I'm suddenly hungry for fudge? Hmmmmmm........