Sunday, October 7, 2012

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds Starring Tippi Hedren

For this blog I have to take you back to 1962, which is not the easiest thing for me, since I was one.  Hey, it's not before I was born!!

A week ago, Saturday, September 29, 2012, at the Redford Theatre (not to be confused with the Redford Theater), an old-fashioned, volunteer-run theater outside of Detroit, there were three special showings of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.  BTW, the Redford Theatre still has its original pipe organ from 1928, and we were able to enjoy it both before the film and during its intermission.

Tippi Hedren was a model, and to see her today, you have no trouble believing that. She looks amazing!!  I don't have a photo of her standing, but she could still model clothing - no doubt about that!!

The Birds was Tippi Hedren's acting debut.

Before the film began she shared some stories.  One was about the time, during the filming of The Birds, Susie (Susanne) Pleshette got the giggles which, of course got Tippi giggling too.  Try as they might, they just couldn't contain it till "Hitch" finally came over and sternly told them to stop it - at this point Susie broke up!  The best part of the story was the way Ms. Hedren portrayed it.  She burst into giggles just the way a couple of twelve-year-olds would, who had just been scolded in front of the class.  It was perfect!!

During the intermission, Ms. Hedren answered questions from the audience.  One of them was whether she named her daughter (Melanie Griffiths) after her character, Melanie, from the film.  As her daughter was born in 1957 and the film was made in 1961, the answer was "No" - and would we please pass this information on as she is tired of the question - so now you know not to ask!!  ; )

Ms. Hedren would also very much like you all to support HR 4122- The Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act

Here is my homage to the film's most famous scene, where Melanie is waiting outside the school and doesn't realize that the birds are slowly assembling on the play equipment (jungle gym, fence, etc.) behind her.

One lone bird, peaceful and calm:

Ha ha!

I wanted the card to slowly get darker, yet remain comical!!

It made my daughter jump when she first opened it!!  :D

I love birds and I have a lot of stamp sets with birds.  I am also ready if anyone ever makes a movie called The Butterflies!!  "Why did it have to be butterflies?"

This photo was taken from our seat in the balcony.  It was a sold-out show (the first-ever in the history of the theater - it is a huge theater!!)  It's a beautiful old place and we would definitely return.


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