Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rob's Dachshund Card

I'd like to welcome Maureen from Let's Give Them Something to Scrap About to my blog Family.  That's the best blog name ever, and she does beautiful work.  Also, Bonnie from Stony Stitches is doing beautiful things with needlework on cards.  Lastly (yes, three new people!!  I am SO excited - it's like Christmas!!), Linda Suarez from Lucky Dog Stamper, welcome, welcome,welcome.  Go check her out.  She has some fantastic cards.  I have found a lot of inspiration!!!

My nephew is going to be 31.  He's my first nephew so I have a vivid memory of everything.  I remember telling my boyfriend Andy, as he walked me to my dorm at Purdue, that my big brother and his wife (really, she did all of the work!!) had just had their first child, and his name was Bobby!!  THIRTY ONE YEARS AGO!!  31  Can that possibly be?  That means that I am FIFTY ONE!!  51

OK, I'm over it now, on to the card...
"Bobby-Bob-Robert-Rob," I call him that sometimes, because that is the evolution of his name, has four dachshunds, with his wife Kim.  (Not triathlon Kim, we have a lot of repeated names in our family, so don't even try!!)

I have only one dog stamp with floppy ears, and it's not a dachshund.  Here is my comical alteration of my stamp. Yes, acrylic stamps ARE stretchy, but that is not how I did this.  I did, however, make the oval by stretching a circular stamp!!

This card is based on Sketch #180 by The Sweet Stop Sketches Challenge Blog.  The sketch looks like this:

Rob has grown up to be a wonderful man: tall, good-looking and very intelligent, as well as hard working.  Proud aunt, aren't I?  You should see their dogs!!  So cute!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!  Hope it's a great one and you and Kim have a great time celebrating!!
Leave the dogs at home!!
Love from Drew, Karen Lisa,Will and Tommy

Sneak Peek at tomorrow's card:  Jay's Fire Dog is based on the same dog as Rob's Dachshund!!

I guess that I should call my husband "Andy, Andrew, Drew"!!


  1. So cute Karen! Great job on "stretching" that dog image - perfect dachshund!

    1. Thanks, I wasn't sure what to do, but it worked!! I guess we just have to think outside the dog!??

  2. There's an idea for a stamp!

    "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." - Groucho Marx

  3. What a great card Karen. Love the image and the oval frame! Great idea streching the circle stamp! The way you added the bone and ribbon is great. The ribbon treatment looks great. Thank you for plyaing along with us at The Sweet Stop this week.

  4. Thanks for providing the opportunity. I really had a lot of fun!!

  5. What a cute card! Thanks for playing along with us at The Sweet Stop!