Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why Did It Have to Be Pansies? continued

Enough with playing hooky, it's time to get back to the blog!!
I have been missing it a lot actually...

Update for those of you who only get your news through this blog.  My dad had a stroke on the last day of November.  Lisa, Tom and I flew to Fargo the middle of the next week to see what we could do to help, and stayed for two weeks.  Dad had a remarkably quick recovery!!  It was fun to visit with the folks and their friends, decorate for Christmas, bake cookies and have time with Mom.  We even got to see Dad sing with his choir.

Unfortunately, my husband, Andrew, ended up in the hospital (first time in 29 years of marriage, and I was so very far away), so we got in my parents' van and drove straight home.  Andrew ended up being fine, and we celebrated Christmas back in Michigan, quiet and relatively uneventful, but ever so nice.  Hope yours was wonder-filled as well!

In one of my last posts, November 18th, I was working on a card for one of my aunt's friends.  Finally, I can show you the finished project.

I painted the three pansies, as well as the background paper using CTMH ink. It was so much fun that I plan on experimenting with it a lot more.

It's a brand new year....2013!!  Can you believe it?
and be creative!!