Sunday, September 2, 2012

Russian to Stamp

I never had any pen pals in Russia.  I had more than 40 countries represented and clearly remember when my pen pal from Ceylon suddenly wrote that she was now from Sri Lanka.  I was young enough that I didn't realize that countries could just change like that (I'm sure it wasn't that easy).  It was quite a surprise!

So why am I suddenly thinking about Russia these days?  Well, the web is an amazing thing.  I imagine all the time what I would have been doing if I had had access to it when I was 10, 12, 15 and interested in people from all over the world and their cultures.  I was mostly interested in their Arts and Crafts.  Oh, and their Food!  and Languages (and cute boys, one mustn't forget that played a big part in my life. - OK, fine, my family will tell you that half the reason I watch the Korean dramas now is for the cute guys, so I guess I haven't grown up that much!!)  *blushing*  Where was I?


Russia.  Oh yeah.  So, I've learned how to look at the Stats on blogspot and I have Russians peaking at my blog.  OK, they may be computers looking in on their own, but I hope that they are women who are stamping or scrap booking or something.  Do they scrap book much in Russia?  I do not know.  I am very curious about this now.

When my daughter lived in South Korea (she's been back for a year) she brought back some rubber stamps with Hangul on them.  I love them!!  They didn't have acrylic stamps there.  What they do have is lots of cute stickers!!  Think of all of the Sanrio Hello Kitty-type stickers from Japan.  Well, South Korea makes a lot of those cute stickers of food with faces, etc.  I just love those!!  I love CUTE!!

Jeonju, Jeollabuk-Do, South Korea is the home to Hanji, the traditional paper made from mulberry, which literally translates as "the paper of Korea."  This is the city that Lisa lived in for 5 months when she was teaching English (her first month was at Orientation in another city - details:  You see, even my daughter can't get away from my obsession from paper crafts.

Still wondering about Russia though.  They have a rich culture.  I wonder what is "in" there now craft-wise?
I may have to delve deeper into the web OR if there is someone out there who can let me know.  I'll send you a handmade card!!  Like I said, I never had a Russian Pen Pal!!

I'm not feeling well today, so here's a butterfly popping off my daughter's mini album. She made it for her boyfriend's mom.  I know it'll be a big hit!  After she took this photo, she removed it, coated the top butterfly with pearl paint, then liquid glass.  It's really beautiful now!!  I was amazed.

Keep creating!!

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