Friday, August 31, 2012

Round Robin and Keith's Birthday Card

My brother Keith's birthday is August 31st.  When he was a kid he would start a couple weeks before his birthday - going around the neighborhood reminding everyone that his birthday was approaching.  Everybody got a huge kick out of it!  We all need to be more like that and celebrate who we are.

Back then, one of the ways we used to keep in touch with my mom's side of the family was with a Round Robin.  It was a reel-to-reel tape that my Grandpa Hawkins set up with a splice half way through.  Grandma and Grandpa talked on the first fourth and sent it to my Uncle Ralph.  Then Ralph and his family talked about their lives on the next section and sent it to us.  We listened to everyone, then flipped it over and added our part and mailed it on to my mom's sister, Edith, who finished it off with her family.  It went round and round.  We often recorded our part at dinner or in the living room in the evening, but I do remember one specific Saturday morning.  It was just before Keith's 13th birthday and we were taping our section of the Round Robin while discussing what to do for his party.

Now you can imagine what a big deal Keith's party was since he looked forward to it with such enthusiasm.  All kinds of ideas were being tossed around: the zoo, the amusement park, the Adler Planetarium  but the one I remember was the movies.  I wish I could remember what film was playing (Grandpa kept copies of all the Round Robins, so someday I will listen to this again!!).  The horror was that children's tickets were 75 cents and adult tickets were $1.25.  Keith was turning 13 and was now an "adult" at the movie theater as were all of his friends!!

The other birthday party venue choices were probably all more expensive, I think it was the idea of spending THAT much money at the movies!!  It really makes me giggle.  : D

Keith's a "Car Guy," so I immediately got out the Cruisin' packet and started playing around.  I really like the Cruisin' sticker, but the camera flash has made it a little hard to see.  I embossed the car.  I thought about embossing the gas pump, but wanted the car to stand out, so I left it matte and was happy with just a bit of bling!

Cruisin' had these coordinating bottle caps that are really cool!
You can get them right now at a really reduced price*, but the paper is sold out.
Don't worry Keith - I paid full price for these!!!!

I always try to stamp something on the back of each card and on the envelope.
Often I forget to photograph it though!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEITH!! Love You!!! XOXO, Yer Sis, Kare

*Cruisin' Bottle Caps and Stickers can be found on my shopping site.  Click on graphic at top right of this blog, then go to SHOP, then on left side -  all the way down to "While Supplies Last."  Have fun!
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  1. Gee. It seems Keith isn't the only family member that likes cars, right?

    1. Uhm, yeah - it does sorta run in the family. Vroom!!