Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Just Stuff

I started thinking about this page for my Affirmations Calendar two weeks ago.  I had sent my sister-in-law a box filled with Close to My Heart goodies.  She had put in an order and was excitedly waiting for it to arrive.   So, I sent her a bunch of things to help get her started.  We're family, so I sent her some of my stamps, knowing that when she's finished with them that she will send them home.  Well, the box didn't arrive when I expected it to.  Another day passed, then another day.  I was getting panicky, but I was also upset with myself for being so upset.  THEY ARE JUST STAMPS!!  But some are retired and I may not be able to replace them.  BUT THEY ARE JUST STAMPS!!  I went back and forth like this, with minor variations for longer than I care to admit, till I finally reminded myself that:

Made with Close to My Heart's La Belle Vie paper, Jardin stamp set D1528, Opaque Pearls and Bitty Pearls for a page in my 6" X 6" Display Album.

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