Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dotty for Kim's Bike Box 2.0

I'm have been having so much fun because all I have to do is assemble the paper and stamps that go together style-wise, and color-wise, and then LET LOOSE!!  No running back and forth to three craft stores to find that bit of card stock in just the right shade of green.  I do not miss those days one bit!!

So this is what I've come up with for my sister-in-law Kim, who coached a women's triathlon team this summer.  Yeah, triathlon?  Makes me exhausted just thinking about it!!  She's got the energy!!  It's terrific.  All I can do is sit back and say, "Way to Go, Girl!"  Sit back being the key words in that sentence.  But seriously, she's awesome and I wanted her to know that we support her.

Triathlon is swimming, cycling and running.  The only stamp I have is the bike.  I can picture a really nice swimming stamp, but it must be retired.  I'm sure that there is a runner too, but I'm making this bike work!!

Card front and inside views.
This was the first card I made.  Once I got the card right, I made four of the same - she knows a lot of people!

I used the Dotty For You paper because it matches beautifully with the special promotional stamps that had a bike as well as great optimistic phrases.  Take a look:

Now, look back up at the card (now look at me, jk ; )  Look at the "enjoy the ride" image on the card above.  I learned how to make that swiping motion by watching this video.  It's very informative, but in this video, unlike the others in the series, it doesn't show very good close-ups of the details.  To get a closer look, enlarge my first picture and look at the word "ride".  It was easy and fun.

Here, does this help?  Can you see the swipe effect in the ink on the ticket?  That's what we're talking about.

This is the second card. I remade the card from the Stamp Lingo Post, but left a better margin around the outside.  This meant I had to compress the images a bit and make some decisions, but it remained basically the same card.  I really liked the envelope.  It's just silly and happy!!

This is card number three.  Because the paper's pattern doesn't really repeat, it made for 4 very different cards.  Here they are all together:

You can see that one of them didn't even have a spot to place the ticket, but I had the tag stamp as well, so I used that, and I think it worked out pretty well.

Here is one card with the envelope.  I had fun making those too.

Now to the box to contain the 12 cards and envelopes.  I love this butterfly paper that is part of the Dotty For You packet.  The butterflies look as though someone has sewn X's in the middle, so I actually punched little holes with my piercing tool (I use this a lot) and then I sewed each little X for texture.  It worked well!

Now to show how easy it was to turn the white box Sky.  It takes a bit of time to cover every margin, but the effect is well worth it!!

Here you can see the finished butterflies on the front of the box.

On this side, I didn't use the Dotty For You paper.  This was all hand stamped just for fun.

This is from one of the Dotty For You papers, with some stamping obviously.

The finished box has a raised pocket frame for a photo. The pocket is open on the side so the photo won't slide out when the lid lifts.  It will really be perfect with one of Kim's photos in it!!

The yo yo on top was hand made since I don't have the latest CTMH Cricut Artiste cartridge.  Yeah, you thought I owned it all, but I'm still slowly assembling my collection, but one day I will own all of the inks!! (and markers!!)  I will do a post on how to make the basic yo yo sometime soon.


  1. WOW! You come up with the coolest ideas for cards. I like the sparkles on the bike wheels and the way you decorated the envelopes. And that box is so cute!

    1. Thanks, they were fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with!