Sunday, September 9, 2012

Superhero Mini Album intended for GenCon 2012

First you need to know that the basis for this album is entirely Sara Batkin's.  Sara is a true artist who has taught sessions at many Close to My Heart National Conventions. There was also a version of her True Fit Folio mini album presented at the Consultant's Camp I attended last June that was made with the Superhero paper.  I didn't look at that one when I put mine together, but I certainly lifted the idea of using the badges as a pull for a couple of the sliding pages.  Mine is much more basic to fit the time constraint  (of the class that never was*.)

My husband Drew next to a Lego Batman.  Pull-out is me in face mask Lisa brought back from Korea!
The CLARK title was done with the Super Hero Alphabet E1022
This entire book is made from a True Fit File 12" X 12" Folder.

After it's scored and folded and glued in a few places (and dried), I inked it along all of the edges with a sponge.  Check out all of the blue margins surrounding everything.
The superhero photos of Tom were taken in the Toy department of our Meijer.
We were waiting for medicine at the pharmacy.
This pull-out is the reverse of "masked me."  All of the pull-outs can pull all of the way out.

The "cityscape" stamp on the top of this next pull-out is one of my favorites, as is the quote bubble!  They are both part of the Super Powers set C1485.  Many of the stamps have that comic book Ben-Day dot effect that coordinate beautifully with the Superhero paper.
I also used one of the stamps from Enjoy Life C1439 for the dots.
Will in Seoul, and Lisa and Will popping up muddy from
the Mud Festival in Boryeong, S. Korea.
I am getting some serious motion sickness from these awesome graphics.  KUDOS to both my sons!!  I owe you guys, but it's hard for me to write like this ( especially since I've been REALLY sick all week.)
Pop-up of our dog, Rory, with the dog armor Will made in his 3-D Art class at Eastern Michigan Univ. He's majoring in Simulation, Animation and Gaming, so you understand why my graphics are moving today.  ;  )
You must also know that those are chopstick rubber band shooters in the photo on the left and all of the costumes in the right hand photo are from video games or anime.  We're a geeky family with wonderful friends!!

This is a job for... was stamped using the Tiny Typewriter Alphabet  D1222

My daughter's dog, Delaney, popping up above Lisa's boyfriend, Bobby, driving the pontoon boat.
Don't know if you can read the badge, but it says "VROOM."

Pop-up of "My Hero" Drew above our little joke from the end of the Avengers movie -
Yes, we're eating Shwarma!  ; )

Will and Danny (my third son!!!) at Dan's during one of his
All-Nighter-Starcraft-Stellar-LAN Parties

The road paved with good intentions led me here.  I designed this mini album very simply to teach in a two hour block at this past GenCon, but due to many complications (long story that I wrote and edited down and, accidentally, deleted)- it never happened. This book isn't entirely finished even, but I wanted you to see the potential.  Go to Sara Batkin's blog to see ways to really fancy it up.  This is the bare bones, but it's still an amazing concept.


  1. What a neat idea for scrapbooking! Now I must investigate this further :)

    1. Did you notice my dear Kallixta next to Batman?
      He's not exactly a female dwarf!!

    2. I did! He says he chooses them to be the opposite of himself :D

  2. That he did!! He's 6'4''. He had sooo much fun yesterday!! Right now he's reading your blog about your virtual visit!! Isn't the internet marvelous?