Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Fer Talk Like A Pirate Day, we be havin Cap'n Washbucket supplyin advice:

Dakota paper bandanna and shirt!!
When ye have added a new stamp to yer booty, it must be torn from its carrier sheet, but ye don't want to tear the stamp.  So ye will pull it from the edges toward the center. It be possible to rip an acrylic stamp asunder, though I hadn't seen such meself.

Like any new crew member on yer ship, new stamps need to be seasoned, but don't believe Cook when he suggests basil and wolfs-bane.  The ship commanders over at CTMH suggest starting with a light colored ink.  Ye'll ink the stamp up well, mind ye, with a tap, tap, twist, twist, tap, tap, before ye then stamp with it over and over.  Keep this up until ye be getting a nice crisp impression, like a newly minted doubloon.  Yer stamp now be seasoned and you are ready to set sail.

It be best if'n ye remember when inking yer stamp that ye don't have need to press yer stamp very hard into the ink pad, eh?  The ink only needs be on the top fer it to be finding itself afixed to the paper.

Now me and me crew always used to store arrrrr ink pads upside-down whatfor to keep the ink up at the surface, ye see.  One of the reasons we be so attracted to Close to My Heart was how their ink pads have swivel lids.  They be cleverly designed so as to store the ink upside-down for ye!!   Them ink pads also be having the color swatch and name on the front.  That be for when they be stacked like coins fer counting, so you fer can see what be what.  So smart!  I be hooked like shark on chum.

Unlike most pirate crews, Close to My Heart be thinking about cleanliness and be bartering things fer swabbing yer stamps clean.  These be both the lint free My Acrylic Stamp Scrubber, as well as the My Acrylic Spritz Cleaner.

I only just noticed that we be having a StazOn cleaner which be most powerfully exciting cuz StazOn stains your stamps, which not be the end of the world, yet t'would be nice fer to do somethin about.  I be letting ye know how it works OR maybe ye already know and can report back to me.  I be hoping t'will help what with the stains from Archival Black, and what be some of the colors what traditionally stain, being them reds and purples.  I'll be taking a look through my spyglass and be reportin back to ye! ; )

Another thing we be having now is a My Acrylic Spritz Cleaner Refill, a jug o'the stuff fer a fair coin.

Should ye be discovering yer stamps don't be as sticky as what they once be, no trouble, maties!  Make 'em walk the plank down to Davy Jones Stopper.  Rinse 'em in yer sink with a colander so they can't escape and when they be dry, ye'll find the sticky has returned like magic!

When ye've finished yer current voyage, double check yer carrier sheet and be making certain sure what that ALL of yer stamps have been returned to stowage because those stamps be like ghosts at midday! Seriously!  It be much easier to search for one right away before ye bury it. That booty be precious gold.

If'n ye be needin some translatin, that can be a takin care of, but not today cuz today be Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I be owin a special debt o' gratitude ta Cap'n Washbucket A.K.A. my shackled-mate, Andrew.   You  are my rock buoy!  -KC


  1. I loved your Pirate-language blog today! It was very entertaining AND informative. And that cute little monkey stamp--what set is that from?

  2. Glad you liked it. I wrote it a while ago, but it was boring and had no photos and I didn't know what to do with it. I also had an empty post called Talk Like a Pirate Day. September just flew by and suddenly I hadn't written it - so the two got merged!!
    The monkey is from a retired set called In The Wild D1011. You can borrow it if you want. :D

  3. Y'arrr! Yer really 'ad the best pirate chatter there matey!

    1. That be Cap't Washbucket, savvie? He be tha best at't from years 'o role play on the interwebs!!