Thursday, September 27, 2012

Treasured Memories

I am the worst at writing and sending sympathy cards.  I buy them, but I never know what to say, so they usually remain unsent.  This is a terrible thing to do because it really probably doesn't make much difference what I say.  People want to know that I care, and I do care.  It's just so hard for me.  I feel that pain so terribly.

For example, I grew up on Chestnut Street which was a magical place to grow up. We had the elementary school across the street and the Forest Preserve in our back yard. We knew our neighbors; all of the kids played together.  We had the school playground across the street (swings, monkey bars, slide and "The Rocket" climbing structure), the "Black Top" with basketball hoops, and the baseball diamond.  Pick-up football was always in the yard right in front of the school.  Hide and Seek usually took place in and around "The Court," but whatever was going on, when the streetlights came on, it was time to go in.

Over the past ten years or more, the parents of Chestnut Street have been passing on, but I don't send cards.  It's too hard to put in to words what needs to be said.  I kick myself - beat myself up, but I don't send the card.  No one knows I'm thinking about their mom or dad if I don't write, but I still don't write.

Now, finally, I am learning how to handle this.  I don't have to say much.  I don't have to say exactly the right thing.  If I make the card - that's enough!  If I make the card they know I care.  I can make the card!!  It's what I do.  If I make a special card they will know how I feel!!

Finally, I can let people know that I am thinking of them, because I have always been thinking of them.

Lastly, a note about stamps.  The sentiment I used on this card is a from a retired stamp, but we have a current one that is perfect (I just don't have it yet).  It's called Words of Comfort  C1524.  You can make your own cards and let those people that you care about know how you feel, too.

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