Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sue's Belated Birthday Card

I started going through paper, thinking of Sue... can't use Avonlea because I just wrote her a Thank You Note on that a few weeks ago, hmmm, everything looked inviting.  Delaney wanted to go outside and there was the smallest of nips in the air and I started to think of the Fall weather.  That started me off.  I grabbed papers and stamps and more stamps and more stamps.  I didn't use them all - that's just how I get going - with a big flurry and whoosh.

This is where I started:

I was going to stop here, but I thought it might look suspicious as the right edge is too clean.

So, I added a few more little bits:
Now see what I did - I messed it all up!!
Never fear, we'll come back to that!

The next stamp features one of my very favorite things about Close to My Heart Stamps.  I call it "overstamping."  I'm not sure what it's technical term is.  I think I should know this, my great-grandfather wrote a book about printing - seriously - look:

Basically, you have at least two stamps that work together to make your finished image in more than one color.  The first image below is made up of the second Sunset image, plus the third Tulip one.
On the scrap paper you can see where I was working out my palette:
Twilight, Tulip and Sunset.
I edge nearly everything I do.  I usually use an eighth pie-wedge of a round sponge, but I only have two hands and I needed one to take the photo, so this is what I came up with.  ; )   Just dab the sponge on the ink pad and then swipe it on the edge of the paper.  Experiment!  I usually edge all of the papers in a project in the same color because that's the way Carolyn (my "art therapist") taught me!! and it looks good that way!

Now to cover up those ink marks that I accidentally got on the cover of my card...

Note how it was a good thing that I added those marks on the right margin of the card. It just didn't look like real paper with out them.  

OK, so we're skipping to the completed card - like the magic oven on the cooking show!! The vertical "bookmark" stripe (that's what I see it as  because Sue is a BIG reader) is a bit more right-justified than I had originally envisioned in order to cover up my ink boo-boo, but I like it - and it passed the Will inspection.  (Huh, I see Will's been doing a bit of sneaky editing here.  I guess I'll let him get away with it this time.)  The rest of the cards I make today will be made to this same pattern.  So take that Ink Gremlins - you won't get me down today!!

The Ink Gremlins got me again - this time we cover up with sparkles. not too spread out because I write a lot.
Who would have thought, huh?

The background paper is from Florentine.  It was going to be in my card at first, but then I started with the background stamp.  It did provide me with the Twilight and the Sunset and I just threw the Tulip in on a whim.

Lastly, something for the back.  Sue does volunteer work since she recently retired, and I love this quote and the way it flows, so I thought it was perfect.  I had to curve the stem a bit more to make it fit width-wise, but I think it works.  The dandelion puff is stamped in Crème Brûlée and then I carefully just rolled the edges of the puff in Sunset.  This is called "Rock and Roll" and it's a really fun technique.  Play around with it!  BUT always stamp in the lighter ink first so as not to contaminate your ink pads!!!!

Hope it was a really Happy Birthday, Sue!!
Love, Karen

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