Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Pick O' the Patch

Recently there have been a few people at my medical appointments deserving of special thanks.  I had two women at my blood test (the traumatic one from the Anderson Garden 4 post), the phlebotomist Nancy (who was awesome - and the blood work didn't hurt at all!) and the nurse, Joyce, who first rushed in and slapped me and gave me p.b. crackers.  ; )  Okay, that's not all she did, and the slaps were medically administered!  They were wonderful and I'm just sorry that I didn't make my cards sooner.

I used the Elemental paper for this card.  It was just in the "While Supplies Last" section of the Idea Book at a great price.  I was going to put a link in and it's already sold out.  I ordered a bunch to share with new customers.  The Elemental paper has six patterns in popular colors, so you can mix it in, or use it alone with solid card stock.  I think it looks particularly nice with the scarecrow.

This is the inside:

For those smart alecks among you who think they can't all be "The Pick of the Patch," let me remind you that there are some very fine pumpkin patches around here!!

This is on the back.

I made a third of this card, this one for Randy who was manning the MRI machine last week. When my vein blew as the contrast was being administered I started to panic and couldn't quite make myself give my other arm up for another try.  I was doing my best to keep my cool, but frankly my cool was long gone and as my head was strapped in, I was in no position to go chasing it down.  I asked the nice young man to please go get my husband.  While he was gone, Randy came and asked me what the problem was, and almost before I finished my explanation, he had the injection in me and I was all calmed down.  Drew basically showed up to hold my hand, say, "hi," and then wait for me to finish!!

The good news is that my MRI results were fine.  The bad news is that I have to have blood work again in three months.  I promise to be well hydrated the next time!!

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