Monday, August 6, 2012

Tags for Dad's Homemade Bread

You have to understand that my dad doesn't really cook.  One Thanksgiving, he held the bottle for me so that the last of the dark Karo syrup would dribble into the sauce pan and then he told everyone that he helped make the pecan pie.  I let him get away with it because it was the first time he had been that close to a hot stove in my memory.  He doesn't have to cook.  Mom's a great cook.  You know how some Dads become the grill master.  Yeah, that wasn't really my Dad's thing.  (Mom had a Jenn-Air grill in the kitchen.  They were covered.)  Dad was happier in the garage, but now he's the master of the bread machine!!  He is becoming famous for his Cinnamon Craisin Bread.  He is selling 3 loaves this Friday at their retirement community's bake sale, so I said that he needed tags and I had some. Well, I couldn't put my hands on them in time to add them to the box I was mailing today, which was just as well as they were store bought.   I know, what was I thinking??  (It was that Clearance thing. Another quick Mom-story.  Lisa was 3 and I was showing my husband something that I had bought and she asked me if I had bought it at Clarence.  It took some repeating for us to realize that she meant on clearance!)  So I whipped these up before going to the Post Office, hope you like them:

It's hard to tell, but that's colonial white card stock edged in cocoa, with sunset, tulip, olive and more cocoa.  The stamp set is a retired one called Spice of Life D1214.  It's all Close to My Heart, of course.

I think the measuring spoon stamp is positioned best on the bottom tag.  I made more and probably should have done a better quality control job before photographing them. The oven mitt tag is a small card that opens - see below for the inside view.

Lisa cut the tags on the Cricut (4") and Tommy helped me with PhotoShop and blogspot.  Oh, and Will helped Tom with PhotoShop - and he also drove me to the Post Office!  Thanks guys!

Anyway, for just a few minutes work they really fulfilled what I needed.  I would have been even more happy if I had had some coordinating Baker's Twine on hand.  Olive would have been perfect!  Next time.

P.S. I think Dad's still happiest in the garage.


  1. Thanks. I'm going to make more when I'm not under a crazy time constraint, plus now I have that olive baker's twine, so he can tie the tags on in style! YOU know how tasty that bread is!!