Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Butterflies Popping Up Everywhere

There's a special 2 stamp set that is available right now.  It looks like this:

FYI, it's $5 with a $35 purchase.  A great deal, but what to do with it?

I saw it and I really wanted to make those butterflies FLY!  I immediately remembered a trick I learned from someone when I was a Girl Scout leader (which I did for 14 years with my daughter).  It's a really neat trick with stickers and I learned it with butterflies.  You need 3 symmetrical stickers to make one butterfly pop.  The "hidden" two stickers are each folded in half with one half attached to the paper and the other half attached to the popping butterfly.  How do I show this to you?

I stamped 3 butterflies: 2 solids and 1 fancy to pop, fold each of them in half as shown.

FRONT                                 BACK
Using your double sided adhesive runner adhere half a solid butterfly wing to the back of each fancy butterfly wing so that if the solid butterflies were each folded in half they would each stay on their own half behind the fancy butterfly.  When opened and turned around, you will see the white paper half of each solid butterfly.  This will be adhered to your project.

In this photo you can see one of the "hidden" butterflies attached to each popping butterfly.  There is another one on the other side.

The solid butterflies are the hidden ones - meant to look like a shadow.

This view might help you to see how I had to stamp and cut out 3 butterfly pieces in order to make one popping butterfly.

Now for the other fun tip.  I used the solid butterfly stamp with Sunny Yellow (it's the only yellow I have), then I inked the mandala from the Beautiful Friendship B1400 in Pear (then Sunset, then Pacifica for the other two butterflies).

I pressed the solid yellow butterfly against the Pear mandala and transferred the green design to the butterfly.  When it was stamped both the yellow and the green show up.

This transfer technique is called kissing.  Awwww.

This shows the cut pieces that is takes to make 3 butterflies.  (I like to cut!)  Click on it to enlarge to see where I cut the butterfly's body off.  Don't worry, I put it back on in the end.

Extra stamped butterflies, one in each color, used to make liquid glass body.  I cut body out when dried.

Finally finished!!  Hope you like it.


  1. That card is beautiful! And I really like the way you stamped the butterfly wings. Is there actual sticker paper that you can stamp or did you turn regular paper into stickers with some kind of adhesive?

    1. I used regular paper and adhesive. I took more photos to make it clearer, but never really explained the adhesive part, so thanks for asking. I confused the issue a bit with my origin story of the stickers. ; )

  2. Beautiful card Karen! Love your butterflies popping off the card!

    1. Thanks Pam. If you haven't already, check out Northern Stars' My Family site for Kudos on your Leibster Award. You Rock, Girl!! Great Blog!!

  3. She stamped 3 butterflies and used two as the supports instead of stickers.

    1. Yes, honey, you are right. Shouldn't you be working? btw, Will's making dinner! Yumm.