Thursday, August 16, 2012

Anderson Garden 2.1

Hi everyone!  While you are getting this I am in Indianapolis with my family at our first GenCon.  My husband and I met a Purdue playing Dungeons and Dragons.  (You would not believe how much mileage our kids get out of that little fact!)  Yeah, when I say I say I'm a geek, I really mean it.

I don't have much to say about this layout that I didn't say in the "Anderson Gardens" post.  It was crazy easy and fun.  The photo is of Will, but most of the photography was done by Tom.  It was such a magical day!

Lisa came up with the title for the layout.

Tom was playing around with capturing depth. The two photos on the bottom of the first page show the exact same thing but one focuses on the background and the other on the foreground. I love having the two side by side to compare.

Technical issues lost an entire blog!! *sob*  *sniff*  Will probably just have to recreate it back home as all of the photos are on the home computer.  Oh well, we had a great day anyway, even though we forgot that all of Indiana is on EST now and missed our seminar.  Darn. Too bad there wasn't some way we could have looked into that last night.  (Hmmmm.)

Gencon is pretty awesome!  May not get nearly as much crafting done as we imagined!!
Met Wil Wheaton today.  More on that tomorrow.  He's as clever as we had expected and so very amiable!!


  1. The layout is perfect for all those great pictures. Anderson Garden looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Trying to pick a layout was hard, at first, because there were so many to choose among, but I just got over it and enjoyed myself. You should try it! You guys have some awesome photos, even before that adorable grandson!!