Saturday, August 25, 2012

Consider Yourself Hugged - Wil Wheaton

I would like to welcome x_stei and Gail to my blog family!  I wanted to say something original, but the first thing that popped into my brain was, "You put the p's in happy!" "What?"  "What is that even supposed to mean?" and, "Ew."

Let me try that again...

I would like to welcome x_stei and Gail to my blog family!  This is my little corner where I try to organize my creativity.  It's a happy place here, except when it's not - in which case I turn to dog, and chocolate (but I try to keep the dog from getting the chocolate!!)

Before we left for GenCon (the gaming convention), I wanted a little swap that I could give out to people - a hold out from my years in Girl Scouting, I guess.  I made these little tickets that say: "Consider Yourself HUGGED."  The tickets were cut out on the Cricut.  If you look closely on the stamp sheet, you will see a fine line around the Consider Yourself HUGGED stamp, and 1".  This helps you know to set the Cricut at 1" so that the ticket shape will exactly fit this stamp.  Fool proof!

When I first put a layer of the Pearl Paint on the ticket it bent in a U-shape, so I started gluing the ticket shapes all down with repositionable adhesive tape before applying the paint, and  that worked really well.  I just spread the pearly paint on in a thin layer with my finger.  I can't do this enough.  It shimmers so beautifully and makes me all kids of girly happy!!!  When it dried I stamped the image with black pigment ink.

To add weight and solidity, I adhered the ticket to cereal box cardboard.  This can also be cut on the Cricut.

I used pigment ink so that it wouldn't mix with the liquid glass that I applied over the entire ticket to give it a cool glassy plastic look!  That was lousy sentence structure, but what I mean is water based ink would have been a bad choice in this case.  Luckily, Close to My Heart has just come out with mini pigment ink pads in all of the colors!

So, yes, you guessed it - I gave one to Wil Wheaton when we met him.

He has to make small talk with fans and he is excellent at it!!  Lisa and Tom know him from The Big Bang Theory and Leverage, as well as the time he interviewed Day 9 and Felicia Day on Table Top Games.  Drew and I know him from those and Star Trek the Next Generation. (Yes, Tom, I know you watched the pilot on Netflix too, but we watched it when it was on in the late '80s.)  Plus Drew remembered him in Stand By Me and used to read his article in The Dragon. Wil is a big gamer.  The sad thing was that our Will was off playing a game and missed out.

Consider Yourself HUGGED, Wil Wheaton.  You're a real Sweetheart!!


  1. Love your swap tickets! And your tutorial!
    Love Big Bang Theory! And did you also watch Wil Wheaton on SyFy's Eureka that recently ended? Fun picture!

    1. Tommy just finished watching Eureka on Netflix, but wasn't as far as Wil Wheaton's part. I was only in the second season, so now I've started watching it more often, and Lisa started too.
      Yeah, the photo was fun - and he was amazing!! We have several Wil Wheaton stories actually. ; )

  2. That is really cool! I love the idea of giving out tokens like that. :)

  3. In Girl Scouts we swap them, of course, but I don't need anything in return. It's just fun to give people stuff when they don't expect it. One year I was the Easter Bunny at a Halloween party for adults (I almost wrote adult Halloween party and I don't know what that might be...), and I went around with a basket of candy and said, "Happy Easter!" People' s reactions were interesting!