Sunday, November 11, 2012

Guest Blog Party Time Tom's Edition

    Hello everyone, this is Karen's son Tom. We've decided to continue with the guest blog theme for at least another day but don't be surprised if Karen isn't back tomorrow and someone else is writing. My project was painting and building a traditional wooden house music box that my sister Lisa got in Korea. We've had it for a while but only just today opened it and built it. So, without further ado, here it is.

Front View (Yes, that is the Cricut in the background)

Right Side View

Back View

Left Side View

Top View

Inside View (Top off)

    Now, to do this I needed to paint some of the pieces but we don't have a good supply of paint or at least a good variety but Karen had an idea to use her Waterbrush from CTMH to paint with the ink from ink pads (I love CTMH) This technique is displayed in a previous blog post called Thinking of You Card 2.0.

Close up View

Pieces that needed to be colored

Even more pieces

Above, you can see the black mat that forms the roofing of the house. I had to use two wooden pieces that came in the set specifically to trace around with an X-Acto knife to make the correct size and shape of the black mat for the roof that you see in the above pictures. Anyway, my dad Andrew and I then glued together the pieces that needed to be glued and also the black mats to the roof. This didn't take long but afterwards I had a lot of dried glue on my hands and it took a while to get it all off. An hour later I still found some on my arm. I sometimes hate sticky stuff :) Well, this is the end for my guest post, Goodnight.

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