Friday, November 16, 2012

My First Clear Card

I would like to welcome 'the little princess' to my blog family.  I met her through where we have been enjoying each other's stories.  She has another blog that I think you will be especially interested in if you are looking for creative inspiration.  Check out a splash of colour to see her beautiful Rangoli (an Indian folk art) designs - you will be impressed!!

I made today's card to mark two special events.  The first was Dawn's birthday.  Dawn is a new friend that I have met through Close to My Heart.  She lives in my subdivision, so I am hoping that we will be seeing a lot more of each other.  She has already helped me out a couple of times when I was in desperate need of red sparkles and specific colors of card stock.  She made it on the birthday list!!  The birthday list guarantees that I will make you a card.  It turns out that it doesn't guarantee that it will be on time!!

Secondly, Dawn's artwork is currently in the spotlight on Jeanette Lynton's (CEO of Close to My Heart) blog.  This is a huge honor and Dawn really deserves it.  Everything that she makes is beautifully done.

To make my combination Birthday - Congratulations card, I wanted to use the Clementine paper because that was what Dawn used for her projects.  I have been shying away from making a clear card because I'm still trying to understand how best to take advantage of it's unique properties.  I give myself a B- on my use of the clear card, but I am happy with it, and I really enjoyed making it.

This design is based on Sketch #184 from The Sweet Spot Sketch Challenge Blog.  It's a fun sketch and it looks like this:

My blog was completely finished and something happened.  I am trying to reconstruct it, but I have no idea what I wrote here!!  I am sure it was extremely clever...  Oh, I think it was that I probably could have photographed this card better to show that it is see-through, but I was mostly concerned with keeping my reflection out of the photo. Darn.  Not so clever after all.

Now for the reveal.  I have to retake this photo because it is supposed to say 'Dawn' on the upper left-hand side.  I am very pleased with the sentiment.  It's perfect for both Birthday and Congratulations:  "May This Be Your Grandest Year Yet!'

I thought balloons were appropriately festive, so I printed them on the reverse of the seasonal circles.



  1. Fabulous card! How cool that it is clear! Thanks so much for joining our challenge at The Sweet Stop!

    1. Thanks!! I'm still figuring this clear thing out, but it's really fun. :D

  2. Fabulous card Karen! Love the clear card base and pretty dp's! I just know your Friend Dawn must have loved this beauty for sure! So glad you could join us at The Sweet Stop! 8-)

    1. Thanks for the nice compliments, Shannon. I'm bad - I'm just delivering the card today. ;)