Saturday, November 17, 2012

Clear Embossing Resist

Today is the unit meeting for Northern Stars, our area group of Close to My Heart consultants.  In addition to catching up on the news and sharing lunch, we will have a chance to go around the room and learn (or remember) 12 techniques.  Each technique is done at a station, on a different 3" X 3" square of paper, so that at the end each person will have a book ring with their technique squares attached.

These are the instructions for the technique square that I will be teaching today: 

1.  Ink Acrylic stamp using Versamark Ink Pad.  The best way to do this is to tap the pad onto the stamp so as not to over- ink the stamp.  Versamark is especially sticky and viscous.

2.  Stamp the image on paper.  Note that it may be completely invisible.  Trust that it is there.  ;)

3.  Sprinkle image with Clear Embossing Powder covering entire area.  (Hard with an invisible image, I know!!  For this sample it is probably best to lightly cover the entire 3” X 3” paper.

  4.  Tap off excess powder.  Ah!  There’s the image!!

5.  Move away from the embossing powder to use the heat tool.  When using a heat tool do not get too close to the paper and always keep it moving a bit.  Keep a close eye on the powder.  As the powder turns shiny, move the heat to a different area of your image.  Make sure that the entire image has turned shiny, and then it’s all embossed.  You can touch it already since it cools off quickly.

6.  What you have now is still pretty hard to see.  It’s time to add ink.  For this project, sponge Smokey Plum in the center, either in a circle or a diagonal line.  Surround the Smokey Plum by sponging lightly with Outdoor Denim.     Finish off the square with Slate ink varying the saturation at different corners to create a more interesting effect.

A few more examples appear on November 2, 2012 post entitled Stamped All Day.

I'm looking forward today to talking to and sharing with women from all over S.E Michigan (and even a few from Indiana and Ohio sometimes).  I hope that you all have a fun and creative time today as well!!

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