Friday, March 1, 2013

Floral Happiness

Today starts a brand new month (and how did it get to be March already??)
and a brand new Stamp of the Month!!  This stamp is called Floral Happiness S1303
and this is my finished card, keeping it CAS (Clean and Simple) just wanted to show off the stamp!!

I only used the middle-sized rose stamps.  It takes two stamps to make this image.  I practiced lining them up on scratch paper first and figured out what worked for me.  It was looking closely at the lower right corner (I'm talking about the green image here) and matching up what I was seeing there and along the bottom, then the rest just fell into place.  Mastering this on scratch paper took the anxiety out of the rest of the project!!

This is Floral Happiness S1303, so that you can see how each rose image is made from two stamps.

BUT what if I only use one stamp?  Carolyn (my Art Therapist ;) and I were discussing this on the phone.  I had thought of doing this on a small strip of card stock, but Carolyn suggested doing it on a larger sheet to see what might appear.  I haven't tried the largest stamp yet, but here are my experiments thus far...

Different colors help maintain the floral image.
Now for two different tries with Hollyhock tone on tone.  The top strip uses the smallest rose which looks very much like a flower no matter what you do with it, but the bottom part starts looking less floral as I ran the images into each other.  Still a romantic look when done in the Hollyhock.  Definitely looked Valentine-like!!

I used Sky ink to help detract from the floral feel of this stamp.

Again, I used the same middle-sized rose, but made lines of it right-side up then up-side-down.  This distorts the rose lines so much that they become almost meaningless.  I can't wait to use this paper!!

More experiments, but this time played around with what the stamp was intended for!!

Will post more cards for you tomorrow!!
Hope that you have a wonder-filled creative day!!


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Love all your experiments with the floral happiness stamp set!

  2. How pretty! Love the simplicity of your card!

  3. Very pretty. I will have to try this technique.

  4. oh wow.. Look at that stamp!! So cool that you've got so many different effects and master boards from it.. Very clever!
    Thanks for sharing..
    Toni Herron.. xoxo

  5. Aww, Toni, Thanks for visiting and leaving behind such kind words!! I appreciate it!! <3