Monday, May 13, 2013

T.P. Roll Mini Album

I'd like to welcome a really special friend, Toni Herron, to my blog family.  We met through facebook and she is an inspiration with all of her beautiful paper crafts.  I love to see what she has been up to on her blog, and learn to try to speak like an Aussie!!   She is a really quick crafter and such a sweetheart!!
You can check out her wonderful blog here:   Toni Herron...Scrap Crazy

Yes, I have been MIA from the blog scene for a while, but I have been crafting.  I recently made a Toilet Paper Mini Album for a swap.  It sounded like such a fun thing to do and I have long collected T.P. tubes having been a pre-school teacher, so another use for them really caught my attention.

First find 4 nice T.P. tubes and flatten them with a brayer, or just with your fingers and some heavy books.

Four T.P. rolls all dressed up!!
I took my little card stock sample papers to the store to find matching paint. Painted the T.P. tubes inside and out, let them dry and then measured them and started cutting paper just a bit smaller.  The girl that I was making my mini album for loves shades of blue and butterflies, so that is what I concentrated on.

Each flattened T.P. tube page makes a pocket, and therefore needs a pull-out tag.

I added the charms on a cute little picture hanger that attaches with a brad.  I had to place it on the end so that it wouldn't interfere with the pocket, so it's a little awkward.  I am going to try this again on a different kind of album.  I really like the idea - it just wasn't quite right for this.  (Oh, the little photo comes out of the oval charm, so she can personalize that.)  :)

Back of page 1
The swap was supposed to have a Spring theme.  I kinda flunked that except for the butterflies and this wonderful quote, "anything seems possible in the spring!"

Think this will be really nice when photos are added....

Back of page 2

I sewed the buttons and ribbon all together and then attached it to the page with a couple of gel dots.

Back of page 3
For the last page I wanted to add something interactive - because that is the kind of thing I really like.  I had these little hinges, so I attached a flap and used a pretty brad to secure it - just tuck it under and it stays closed:

So when the flap is untucked and opened it looks like this:

Back of page 4
Since this is the back of the Album, I wanted it to look nice.  I was happy that the wooden butterfly that is serving the purpose of a pull tab, is also placed so nicely with the Washi Tape.  I think it looks cute.

Here is the whole album from the back:


It really didn't take me very long to make and I had so much fun with it!!!
Almost all of it is retired CTMH products so the matching was a breeze!!

You should make one!!  Some T.P. rolls and paper scraps!!  I had to buy LARGE rivets big enough for the book ring, but that was the only specialty item.  Everything else was foraged in my craft area (except the charms - I forgot!!  Got those especially for this.)

Hope you liked my baby album.  GET CREATIVE TODAY!!!


  1. This is great! I love it. I am going to start asking all my neighbors for the TP rolls. My kids would love to make something like this too!

    1. Definitely!! Kids would love this. It's always so much fun to turn Trash into Treasures!!!

  2. I just loved it. An so easy to make. Beautiful colors. :)

    1. I have you to thank for the idea Christine!!! You find wonderful things on YouTube!!!! :D

  3. Oh my goodness! Karen this is super cute and looks easy to re create- thanks for all the techniques & tips! Fun, Fun, Fun!!

    1. It is really easy and such a fun little project!!

  4. That is absolutely adorable - I love the hinges and the charms do look nice! I read rivets and my brain went blank, LOL, but I figured it out after looking : ) TY for showing off!

    1. Lorri, it's so funny that you say that about rivets because I could not think of what to call them!!! Finally I looked on the package of the rivet setter and said, "OH, they must be rivets!!!" LOL!!