Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Girls Rule

New cards with new paper!!  This paper has such beautiful colors that I really adore it. It's called Later Sk8r, and is thought of as "the boy paper."  OK, of course, it is perfect for the guys, but having worked for so many years with Girl Scouts, it happened to strike me as equally popular with girls, so I purposefully re-imagined it here, defying expectations:

You may recognize this card design from one of my last cards.  I especially like it for new paper packs because it shows off all of the different paper designs at one time. So pretty!!  I distressed all of the edges of each piece of paper with the roughest grit sandpaper on the sanding block. Here you can see the difference between the sanded "Girls Rock" versus the unsanded:

Originally I had planned to use more of the stamps from the Girls Rock C1538 stamp set, but ended up highlighting each of the paper designs and then went for a quote.  I think I will have to make a second card to explore the possibilities of this stamp set with this paper.  I love the idea of using "the boy's paper" for the girls!!

This new quote stamp set called Srapbook Statements - Women B1421  is amazing.  I love to collect quotes.

One of the first gifts that I made for my husband back at Purdue when we were dating was a plastic canvas needlepoint-covered blank book (remember blank books?) for him to collect his quotes.  (Yes, he still uses it!!)  This quote about Ginger Rogers is one that I have in my collection!!

Lastly, I had to add some of the new green and blue epoxy bubbles because they are so happy!!

(Aren't you proud of me?  I have relearned how to download images into my blog!!  Can't let myself get rusty ever again!!!!!)

 Hope that you are having some fun, creative time!!  (((((BIG HUG)))))  Karen

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